• Telephone Engineer in Bexley, Kent
  • Business Telephone Systems
  • Phone Socket and CAT5 Installation

Telephone Engineer in Kent & South London

Wright Comms are happy to offer the following services for domestic phone sockets and commercial phone sockets clients:

  • Repairs to internal phone sockets within anywhere in the building
  • Moving sockets to new locations within the home
  • Replacement of old outdated cables and sockets
  • Moving main cables out of window / door frames to allow new window installations
  • supply and installation of broadband filters and dedicated sockets
  • Network cabling supply install and repair to small Ethernet networks CAT5 and CAT6
  • Removal of old redundant telephone equipment
  • Concealing cables where possible
  • Small telephone systems
  • Pre wiring prior to service connections
  • Disabled telephone adaption's
  • External Bells
  • Installing extensions to outbuildings (External grade cabling)
  • Installing CAT5 External network ports ( external grade CAT5)

Installation of new telephone sockets and telephone cabling. All installed neatly as possible for phone broadband sky Fax PDQ machines franking machines etc.

Also Wright Comms provide services offering repair to existing phone sockets testing and fault location internal or network. Wright Comms is fully insured and the work is carried out by an experienced teleCommsunications engineer. Faults can occur on telephone lines which means you would have to call your service provider e.g. British Telecom or NTL etc.......If the fault lies within your telephone system or cables you will be charged a call out fee and still require to have an engineer call out again to fix the fault for you at an extra cost to you. Wright Comms will visit your premises at a time to suit you and to test the lines and fix any fault on those lines, saving you time and money.

If there is anything not listed that you require help with please contact Wright Comms either by email or call us and we are only too happy to help.

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